Blitz PC Graffiti Remover 5L

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Effective Graffiti Removing Solution for Paint, Biro and Permanent Markers


·         REACH compliant, contains biodegradable components.

·         Safe to use on most types of plastic including Polycarbonate, however graffiti may itself

craze the Polycarbonate.

·         Effective on permanent marker and a variety of paints and inks.

·         Easy-to-use liquid form.

·         Not classified as dangerous to the environment.

·         Non-flammable.


Always test a small area first for compatibility.

Apply Imperial Blitz PC with a cloth, pad or spray directly onto the surface. Allow time for the graffiti to dissolve. Wipe with a cloth or abrasive Imperial Blitz Dry Wipes. For stubborn marks, a repeat application may be necessary.

To finish, clean with Imperial Blitz Finishing Detergent.


We always advise the use of suitable PPE.

Wear protective gloves and safety glasses – refer to EN Standards –
EN374: Modified Standard for Chemical Protective Gloves / EN166: Personal Eye Protection Standard.

Use only in well ventilated areas.
Refer to Safety Data Sheet for full health and safety information. Keep tightly sealed and in original container.