Cloths & Rags

Dish Cloth

Available in red, blue, yellow & green edging...


Jay Cloth 50/Pk

Fine Non-woven cloth of resin bonded synthetic fibres. Available in red, blue, yellow, & green...


Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Will remove dirt, fingerprints and grease with ease without the use of chemicals. May be washed up to 500 times without loss of performance...


Sponge Cloth 10/Pk

Cellulose sponge cloth made from wood pulp and cotton, reinforced with a polyester scrim...


Stockinette Roll Cloth 800g

800g weight. Can be cut to length as required...


Thick Floor Cloth

Heavy duty floor cloth...


White Rags Terry Towelling  Wipe 10kg

Low tint towelling wipe in white...


White Rags Wipe 10Kg Bags

General purpose rags.White only...


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