Disinfectants & Bleach

Kleen Off Thick Bleach 750ml

With angled nozzle for ease of use..


Email or Call for Details
Selden Bleach E001 5L

Sterilizer and stain remover. 4-5% Sodium HypochloriteDelivery within M25 only - Call or email for details..


Selden Lemon Disinfectant E030 5L

More versatile than pine disinfectant..


Selden Selpine Pine Disinfectant E002 5L

Use neat for drains, sinks & toilets..


Selden E026 Cutlass Lemon Washroom Cleaner Disinfectant 5L

Fresh lemon fragrance. Provides effective sanitising action. Independently tested to BS6471 QAP50. Eliminates unpleasant smells at source. Prevents hard water s..


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