Blitz F Graffiti Remover 5L

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Effective Graffiti Removing Solution for Leather Dyes and Permanent Markers


·         REACH compliant, contains biodegradable components.

·         Removes leather dyes, permanent marker and a variety of ink from interior and exterior

non-porous and painted surfaces.

·         Easy-to-use liquid form.

·         Low odour.

·         Unclassified product, very safe to use.

·         Safe to use on most types of plastic including Polycarbonate, however graffiti may itself

craze the Polycarbonate.

·         Economical, low rate of evaporation leading to low product loss.

·         Non-chlorinated, providing a safe, environmentally responsible product.

·         Non-flammable.


Always test a small area first for compatibility.

Apply Imperial Blitz F with a cloth, pad or spray directly onto the surface. Allow time for the graffiti to dissolve. Wipe with a cloth or abrasive Imperial Blitz Dry Wipes. For stubborn marks, a repeat application may be necessary.

To finish, clean with Imperial Blitz Finishing Detergent. CAUTION

Although this product carries no physical or health classification, we always advise the use of suitable PPE.

Wear protective gloves and safety glasses – refer to EN Standards –
EN374: Modified Standard for Chemical Protective Gloves / EN166: Personal Eye Protection Standard.

Refer to Safety Data Sheet for full health and safety information.

Keep tightly sealed and in original container.