Graffiti & Gum Removers

For larger contracts please email us and we can provide trials, training and samples of Graffiti Removal all within the cost of the chemicals

Graffiti Remover Wipes 150 Tub

A portable wipe for removing paint and graffiti off flat surfaces. Suitable for bus stops, office premises, trains and buses. The moist wipes require no add..


Selden K Full Power Graffiti Remover 5L

Graffiti remover for porous surfaces which removes spray paint on the first pass. State of the art formulation removes leather dyes, inks, stains and waxes, ..


Selden K003 Selfreez Chewing Gum Remover 340gm

Ideal for the removal of gum and sticky deposits from carpets, fabrics, seat facing and floors. Click here for more information..


Selden K070  D Solve Graffiti Remover Cleaner 480ml Aerosol

Powerful fast acting formula. Gel form helps to prevent run-off from vertical surfaces. Water soluble. Removes ball point, felt tip pens, crayon and aerosol..


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