Head, Face & Ear Protection

Ear Defenders Pair

Ear Defenders Pair Padded foam-filled ear cups with height adjustment. Lightweight robust cost effective protection...


Hard Hat

Helmet designed for basic use.Lightweight hard hat available in other colours..


Safety Glasses Pair

Contour designed eye protector. Extremely lightweight and comfortable. Clear lens...


Safety Goggles Pair

Goggles provide protection against chemical splash, dust, molten metal and impact. Soft, flexible, PVC frame and polycarbonate lens. Indirect ventilation..


3M 8812 Face Mask Disposable with Filter Pack of 10

Face mask with particle respirator used to protect the wearer from solid and non-volatile liquid particles...


Face Masks Disposable Pack of 50

Comfort face mask to alleviate irritation by non-toxic particles...


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