Litter Pickers & Hoops

Litter Picker Trigger Style - Disability Reach Grabber Patterson 32inch 810mm

These Litter Pickers speed up litter clearance from streets, parks and open spaces. Light and agile with proven durability with a trigger action Click here fo..


Litter Picker Trigger Reach Tool LP31 33inch 850mm

The most popular trigger Litter Picker is used by Local Authorities, Councils, Volunteers, Festivals, Schools, Charities, Contractors, and Private Individuals a..


Litter Picker Extra Long Trigger Reacher Disability Pro LP35 37inch 940mm

The longer version of the most popular trigger Litter Picker for taller people is used by Local Authorities, Councils, Volunteers, Festivals, Schools, Charities..


Litter Picker Swivel Easy Grip Trigger LP3 LP32 33inch 850mm

Dual operating jaws work as a human hand, and a rotating mechanism allows you to use the trigger operated Litter Picker horizontally or vertically in awkward a..


Litter Picker Trigger Disability Grabber 993261 33inch 850mm

Litter Picker for use by Local Authorities, Councils, Festivals, Schools, Charities, Private individuals across the UK to tidy local neighbourhoods, parks, moto..


Litter Picker Pro Helping Hand Grabber Tool LP1020 33inch 850mm

Litter Picker Helping Hand (Helping Hand LP1020 LP1133) (Contico 466) (Bell Brush LIT010) - 33” 33inch 850mm 85cm< The standard most popular length, the L..


Litter Picker X Long Trigger Pro HA2270N LP1172 6Ft 72inch

There is always going to be litter which gets blown up into trees or drifts down into waterways and over river banks. This Helping Handcm (6’) Litterpicker..


Litter Picker Tong Curved Style Salmon LP35 35inch 89cm

This tough and durable litterpicker has a curved handle to allow you to pick up litter comfortably, working with the ergonomics of your arm. Suitable for stree..


Litter Picker Tong Straight Style Salmon LP34 35inch 89cm

This tough and durable litterpicker has a straight handle to pick up litter comfortably. Suitable for streets, pavements, roads, festivals, schools, leisure fa..


Handi Hoop Bag  Bago Holder Litter Picker Hoop B05DL110 13inch 330mm

Suitable for any sacks with a neck width of 600mm and over. 13inch 330mm 33cm Diameter..


Handi Hoop Bag Holder Litter Picker Hoop Diameter 14inch 355mm HH1

Wall Bracket to hold this hoop- Click Here Handi Hoop Round Bag Holder allows you to keep a standard sized bin bag open for easy litter picking in all weathe..


Wall Bracket for Bag Hoop

Wall Bracket for Bag Hoop LIT106. It not only holds the hoop but transforms into a useful bin..


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