Selden K042A Stainless Steel Polish Cleaner 480ml Aerosol

A NSF registered product designed to clean and polish all types of Stainless Steel, Chrome, and Aluminium surfaces situated in food processing environments. • C..


Selden C060 Cream Cleaner 500ml

A non-scratch mild cream cleaner safe to use on any hard washable surface. Click here for more information..


Selden T001 Spray Wipe Sanitizer 750ml

Rapid action efficient cleaner for all non-porous surfaces. Sanitises as it cleans. Contains advanced quaternary biocide. Pleasant smelling, freshens as it clea..


Selden T003 Kitchen Cleaner 750ml

Powerful degreasing agents remove grease and grime. Non - tainting and food safe, does not require rinsing. Pass EN1276. Proven to kill MRSA and E.coli..


Selden T025 Spray Wipe with Bleach 750ml

Removes stains, soap deposits and grease/oil/fatty residues. An effective sanitiser against bacteria. Rapid action efficient cleaner for non porous surfaces. Re..


Selden T054 Sabre 750ml

* Tangy lemon fragrance * New formula - free from acids or caustics * Rapid action cuts through grease and grime * Effective maintenance cleaner for all hard su..


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