Disinfectants & Bleach

Easy Thick Bleach 750ml

With angled nozzle for ease of use..


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Bleach 5L

Sterilizer and stain remover. 4-5% Sodium HypochloriteDelivery within M25 only - Call or email for details..


Lemon Disinfectant 5L

Lemon Disinfectant, Kills bacteria, BSEN 1276, Fresh Lemon Fragrance. Ideal for Toilets, Sinks, Floors, Drains, Rubbish Bins and Wast..


Pine Disinfectant 5L

Pine Disinfectant, Kills bacteria, BSEN 1276, Pine Fragrance. Ideal for Toilets, Sinks, Floors, Drains, Rubbish Bins and Waste Disposal Chutes...


Selden E026 Cutlass Lemon Washroom Cleaner Disinfectant 5L

Fresh lemon fragrance. Provides effective sanitising action. Independently tested to BS6471 QAP50. Eliminates unpleasant smells at source. Prevents hard water s..


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