Winter De Icer Snow Shovel & Rock Salt

De Icer Aerosol

Clears ice and frost from windscreens, windows, mirrors and locks...


Ice Melt 10Kg Tub

Ice Melt 10Kg Tub - Dissolves ice / snow in seconds. - Provides 10 times more coverage than salt. -Will melt ice within seconds and prevents re-freezing ..


Email or Call for Details
Rock Salt / Grit De Icing 20kg Bag

Rock Salt 20kg BagEmail us for aqote..


Heavy Duty Snow Shovel with Handle

400mm Heavy Duty Snow Shovel with 5Ft Wooden Handle..


Standard Snow Shovel with Handle

380mm Snow Shovel with 5Ft Handle. This product is ideal for lightweight lifting, removing light snow falls...


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