Window Cleaning

Window Cleaner Squeegee Handle

For use with WIN031, WIN032, WIN033 & WIN034 Can also be pushed on to an extention pole, see HAND32...


Window Cleaner Squeegee Channel 10 inch 250mm

Window Squeegee Channel 250mm (10")..


Window Cleaner Squeegee Channel 14 inch 350mm

Window Squeegee Channel 350mm (14")..


Window Squeegee Channel 18 inch 450mm

Window Squeegee Channel 450mm (18")..


Window Cleaner Squeegee Rubber 36 inch 900mm Cut to Size

900mm (36") cut to size. Replacement rubber for window squeegees..


Window Cleaner T Bar Applicator

Professional window cleaner’s plastic T-bar holder. For use with WIN021...


Window Cleaner T Bar Microfibre Sleeve

For use with WIN020...


Plastic Window Scraper

Plastic Window Scraper..


Window Cleaner Scrim

Window cleaners scrim for polishing windows and other glass surfaces to ensure a streak free finish...


9 Litre Oblong Window Cleaner Bucket Red Blue Yellow Green

Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. Designed to take a 14” T-bar applicator and sleeve...


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