Scourers & Edging Pads

Edging Scouring Pad Doodlebug Blue Green White Black

Available in Blue, White, Black...


Edging Scouring Pad Doodlebug Hand-Held Holder

To be used with EDG002 edging pad...


Edging Scouring Pad Doodlebug Holder with Swivel For Handle

To be used with EDG002 pad and ALH6 handle...


1245mm Light Duty Aluminium Handle

Hygiene Food Service.For use with the Foodservice range 1245 x 25mm..


Foam Sponge Scourer

Sponge Back Scourer..


Green Scouring Scourer Pads

Green Scouring Pads..


Heavy Duty Scouring Scourer Pads

Ideal for use when moving stubborn dirt or graffiti..


White Non-Abrasive Scouring Scourer Pads

White Non-Abrasive Scouring Pads..


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